My First Post And Why I’m Here

I decided to start this blog as a way to break away from my personal and professional lives. The two seem to be converging to the point where there is very little daylight between them. A man starts to feel stuffy, contained, and inauthentic when that happens.

I’m what you would consider a professional (I said you. I don’t). Though I won’t tell you what it is that I do. My writings and analysis can be found on the web. Though I won’t tell you my name or what it is I write about. I’m educated, though I did not come from an educated or influential family. I grew up in the rural South and loved it. Now I live amidst yuppies, surrounded by luxury townhomes, tons of concrete and miles of interstate. God’s country it ain’t.

I served in the military in my twenties. I stopped serving when I was thirty. I deployed to Iraq in between, and that’s pretty much it. Well at least that’s the short story. But the better version, I think.

I’m this old: If the 30s were compared to a week’s time, it would be early Wednesday morning for me.

I am political and can write worthless essays on ideology and theory to explain my viewpoints. Actually that’s incorrect. They are viewpoints that already exist that I agree with, and I have learned to express them in my own voice (college will do that for you). At any rate, this blog will have none of that. In fact, the subject may never come up. And that would be fine with me.

I am a father and husband. I make a good living and provide well. We live in a nice home and drive nice vehicles. We eat well and everyone is healthy. I consider that running a large surplus in the game of life and coincidences. Blessings are important, being wise enough to be thankful for them is essential.

My wife stays home to raise our children, though she could do other things if she desired. She considers her current job, being a mother, more important than one that pays a worthless wage. I have never tried to convince her otherwise.

I will write and post about things that interest me and feed my alter-ego. Maybe this blog will serve as a brain-dump. I’ll view it as my secluded cabin in the mountains if you will.  It will be a place where I can go to escape the doldrums and the hustle & bustle of life and breathe in lungs full of clean air. Though I have to admit, I’ve never actually been to a secluded cabin nor a secluded cabin on a mountain for that matter. But I imagine there is a satisfactory level of personal freedom and a chance for uninterrupted solitary thought. Consider this my very own “badlands” — My apologies to Mr. Teddy Roosevelt (if you don’t follow the reference, you should look it up).

I plan to use my anonymity to my advantage. Not in order to be a jerk but rather to exercise my cravings for stupidity, interests, likes and dislikes and my general idiosyncrasies. Maybe I’ll contradict myself. At least I hope I will.

Maybe we’ll laugh, cry, ponder and throw things. But it’s highly unlikely we’ll do any more than that.

Nothing I write will be important or beneficial. That is the intended purpose behind this blog. It will be a place for nothingness. Sometimes it’s fun to throw a rock if for no other reason than to see how far it goes. Where I live, I would probably break a window if I tried that.

Get the point yet on why I’m here?

This post has been converted to my About Me page.