The Good Nature

This list finally came to me last night in a rush but with much clarity. I took more than a week of constant thinking, reflection, and reading before they were ready. I am satisfied with this list and what each value means to me. I will have it framed and I will keep it for all my days.

There is a duality in man, a bad nature, and a good nature. They are constantly at war with the other. I have learned if you are not aware of this war, then you are a prisoner of that war. Be careful and consider which side you ally. Feed the good, neglect the bad.

The Good Nature

Self Respect: First, consider thine soul; do no harm to yourself and you’ll do no harm to others; never value a thing or validate impulses that compel you to act against the first.

Acceptance: What has happened and what will happen are things unto themselves; what exists and occurs now is destiny.

Perspective: Judge according to the harmony within; act rationally, move accordingly, and where you stand is where you ought to be.

Temperance: Duty and dignity maketh the man; prudence and fortitude maketh a good man.

Gratitude: Above all else, you live; while you live, there is an abundance; live the rest of thine days with purpose and good acts and you will be in harmony with thine self and kind to others. This is joy.


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