Open House At The Mind’s Cabin


I’ve been thinking about the nature of this blog. Certainly I love writing about absolutely nothing, then turning that nothingness into something meaningful. It’s an exercise of the mind and spirit and I find it relaxing, even healthy. I love sharing stories and heaven knows I got a lot of them. Now don’t go feeling bad about yourself just because I just went off bragging there about how I have more stories than you. I was born and raised in the rural south and that’s just the way it is. We tell stories and when we don’t have one, we just make one up or take someone else’s and tell it as our own. All of which is perfectly acceptable among friends and strangers.

Hey, wait a minute. I bet that’s not true. I bet there are plenty of stories out there and I bet you’d like to share them. I love meeting people and hearing about their past, their lives, and generally get a sense of who they are. I tell you, I wish I wrote down the name of every person I met who shared a little something about themselves to me. Ever heard of someone who has never met a stranger in their life? That’s me, I’m that guy.

So I’ve thought recently of opening up my site to others. There’s one hundred people who follow this blog and for what reason, I still don’t know. So that’s one hundred people who might like to share something about themselves. I know I’d be interested.

Tell me anything. Tell me something troubling. Tell me something happy. If you don’t’ have nothing to say, tell me about that, too.

If perhaps you are interested, leave me a comment or email me at and we’ll work out the details in private.


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