I Invested in Land

I invested in land. I’m smarter than you and I know what I’m doing with my life and money. That’s a lie! I invested in land because my dad found it, told me I should buy it, and I had the money, so I did. Had being an important word. I’m broke now. Sold to the gentleman five states away! Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 8.37.23 PM That clump of trees, believe it or not, is 2.5 acres of land. But look how close I could live to my dad! Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 8.43.49 PM Thank God we get along now. In all seriousness, I plan to develop it. Whether that means selling it out in lots or finding a partner to build houses on it and splitting the acreage . I’m not quite sure what I’ll do at the moment. Like I said it’s an investment. Being that I bought it at floor price (it’s a long story) I plan to double my money at the least. I haven’t really considered living there. I’m looking forward more to the gamble, the turn around than I am at a place to hang my shingle. Lord knows land ain’t free and they aren’t making it like they used to! Or so I’m told.


6 thoughts on “I Invested in Land

  1. Yep, invest in land, they’re not making it anymore — I believe some guy from MIssouri said that.

    Good luck with this. Nice to know you have a slice of LA to call your own.

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