What Would You Say?

We were enjoying a walk together. I soon found the reason why you asked me to join you. You had something on your mind. Something was gnawing at your soul. Keeping you up at night, you told me.

I know we all have our secrets. After hearing yours, I’m afraid you need a priest or a passport.

You swore me to secrecy before you began. As if that has ever actually worked with anyone. When you finished, you didn’t like my response. That’s okay, I said. You weren’t paying me for advice anyhow.

What did you expect to hear? “Oh poor you! There now, it’s not your fault. Any one of us would have done the same had we been in your shoes at the time.”

The deed is done. The dye is cast. The Rubicon has been successfully negotiated. You’re screwed friend. It’s time to realize that. When you do, you’ll find clarity. Then you’ll be faced with the only decision there is for you to make.

Of course, making that decision is entirely up to you. I can’t do it for you. No one can.

It will require courage. The consequences probably won’t be pleasant. But time will pass regardless.  Why not let it pass without carrying a burden of guilt? Do you think you are free because you are keeping the truth hidden?

Instead of living in fear of the truth, letting this terrible secret consume your life, come out blazing with the power of truth. Put your demons to rest. Destroy their home that is your conscience. Admit your guilt. Work toward redemption.

It’s time you clean house buddy.

Free yourself so you can give to others what you have been depriving them: The truth, peace, and rest.

*Inspired by a story about a young man, I’ve never met, near my hometown, who beat his mistress/girlfriend to death in an abandoned lot, in front of his own kids, while high on drugs.  He will not admit that he did it. Despite being prosecuted and sent to prison for the crime. So there he sits in prison … on the truth. 


2 thoughts on “What Would You Say?

  1. “I know we all have our secrets. After hearing yours, I’m afraid you need a priest or a passport.”

    Love that line. Gave me a chuckle, and at the time same time reminded me of feeling a similar sentiment when I have been ambushed by people’s, albeit mundane in comparison, confessions in the past.

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