America Takes Claim to a Prestigious Honor

It’s not quite like the moon landing, but America has made its way onto another map of importance.

Some hard working and industrious folks in Waco, Texas have produced the best single-malt whiskey outdoing the prestigious Scotch brands.

“…A single-malt whiskey from the Balcones Distillery in Waco bested nine others, including storied Scottish names like the Balvenie and the Macallan, in a blind panel of British spirits experts. It was the first time an American whiskey won the Best in Glass, a five-year-old competition to find the best whiskey released in a given year.

Balcones, said Neil Ridley, one of the organizers, is everything you’d expect from a young American: brash, robust and full of flavor. “It was like putting a New World wine against an Old World chateau,” he said.”

The bourbon varieties produced in places like Kentucky and Tennessee have always been fond of corn and rye as their main ingredients. The Scotch variety has dealt in malted barley, which has given it’s single-malt deliciousness.

In a way, the surprising thing about American malt whiskey is not that it exists, but that it took so long to come around.

Here is a review from another source. You can pick yourself up a bottle for about $65.

It’s only at the end of the finish that we are reminded that Balcones Single Malt Texas Whiskey is high proof. The precision here of flavor delivery and alcohol is simply perfect. Amazing, fantastic, revolutionary – yes, this whiskey is all that. But it’s also slightly maddening as it takes the conventional whiskey experience and turns it on its head. This is truly a whiskey connoisseur’s whiskey and a spirit for those of us who enjoy a wild journey that only a select few spirits can really take you on.


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