The Power of the Moment


A conversation that I suspect has taken place somewhere at one time or another…

“Come closer. Closer still. There. That’s good. Now what do you see?”

“I see my reflection staring back at me.”

“No, what you saw was a moment. You were viewing you in that moment. It was your moment and you had a chance to see that you occupied it fully. There will be a million more like them. Now it has passed. How do you feel about that?”

“Wasted, I suppose.”

“No don’t look at it like that. Look at it as a favor. It took that moment to make you realize life isn’t elastic, but is made from tiny segments, micro-second events. Missing just one can mean the difference between life and death, success and failure, a green light turning red, a door closing or opening, a date with a beautiful woman or a lifetime of regret.”

“So you are saying life is measured in time?”

“No, that’s practically a useless statement. That point is redundant. Everything can be measured in time. Life is measured in depth.”

“That sounds like something Emerson would say.”

“Well Emerson said something like that but it’s not Emerson’s saying. Emerson isn’t the owner of the concept. It’s a truth that Emerson happened to take the time to notice.”

“If life is made of tiny segments, micro second events, as you put it, where does depth come in?”

“Because everyone, by birth, is allotted time, the length only varies according to circumstance and chance according to one’s fate. However, not all recognize the nuances of time; the building block of events, which is the moment. Living life from beginning to end is to simply exist. Living life by the moment, fully within the moment, is to live. The moment is the most powerful element in one’s life.

There’s a catch though. While there are millions, they are limited and no two are the same.”

“And you got all of this by looking into a mirror?”

“The mirror had nothing to with it, friend. It’s perspective. Had you never seen a moment and then watched it disappear into ancient history, you would have never grasped its importance and power. Events are simply the name of the chapters in one’s life; the moments are the words that fill the pages. You would make a dull story without them. Who would read a book with only three chapters, Birth, Middle Age, Death? Don’t ever fall for the fallacy that lives can be judged by their events. Each, at one time or another, had their moment. The event was merely the outcome.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever use ‘killing time’ as liberally as I once did.”


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