Oh What the Heck: A Few New Year Goals


I’ve never been much on New Year resolutions. I’ve always been of the mind if I wanted to change something or do something, whether the notion came to me during March or August, I did it. The degree to which I carried them out as intended rested entirely on how serious or passionate I was about it in the first place. I would say I am a pretty obsessive person. That doesn’t mean I’m goal oriented. I’m too absent minded for that method. I just sleep walk and bump around and eventually something will tickle my fancy. Whatever it is, I tend to get obsessive about it. I’ve ruined a good many hobbies because of this.

I once got so obsessive with the grass in my yard that I would have dreams about it. I used to walk my yard and inspect all the places I tilled and planted, as if I was some overseer of some great plantation. When the grass began to grow, I realized how stupid the obsession was. I haven’t since then given grass or yards the grass grows in a second of thought. I have seen grass flourish on a block of cement. I doubt anyone took the care to see that it did. It’s grass after all, its job is to grow whether you are there or not.

Having said all of that, here a few things I’ve decided are worth doing.

Reading: No more academic and mind numbing reading. I do enough of that in my professional and academic settings. Instead, I ordered several books written by Mark Twain.

The one I’m reading now is “Roughing It.” Here’s a little story about that. I’ve always loved Twain’s short stories and his quotes but I never sat down to read any of his works outside of those. I was afraid I would not like them and wanted to keep Twain in my perspective. If “Roughing It” can be used as a standard, I’ve done myself a real disservice. Mark Twain is the man.

Another author I’ve set out to read is Shelby Foote’s novels on the Civil War. I used to devour Civil War history but gave it up a few years ago. Because Foote tends to write history in novel form, I never considered his work, preferring instead to read dry accounts of history from historians. I should point out that Foote is equal to any, who call themselves a historian. He just happens to be a writer, too.

I like Foote’s personality and his stories. He’s deceased of course, but he still lives on YouTube.

I’ve also been thumbing through Thoreau’s “Walden.” He took the idea behind the Mind’s Cabin literally. I think everyone can draw a parallel with Thoreau’s frame of mind when he sat down to write about his experiences in solitude. The guys’ quickly becoming a hero of mine – if I cared to have one.

Limit distractions: I haven’t figured this one out yet but I’ll get around to it when I get through with the other things that are keeping me from doing it.

Travel somewhere: Got a few places in mind. I may head down to an island or I may head somewhere out west or in the northeast.

Fight: I plan to have at least one competitive amateur fight this year. I’ve been boxing and training for a year now and would like to have the opportunity to test myself.

Family: That’s an easy one. They are all I have.

Lastly, I would like to keep this site going. I get a lot of satisfaction out of doing it. I don’t write for effect, so to speak, but is more or less a reflection of my mood and frame of mind at anytime I sit to write. It is more of a running chronicle of my mind, a journal of sorts. It’s healthy, I think.


2 thoughts on “Oh What the Heck: A Few New Year Goals

  1. I think those are wonderful and realistic goals. I used to make crazy ones like im going to lose 100 pounds haha~! riigght. Anyway, you have inspired me to look into Mark Twain. I never knew he wrote a story called “Rough It.” I love to read but sadly have never read any classics. Maybe it’s time to start!

    • Muffins,

      You should. Do a little reading on-line. You can find tons of his short stories and essays. A friend recommended that I read him so I gave it a try. I’m not disappointed and I’m not the type to read a lot of fiction. Of course, Roughing It isn’t fiction it’s just his stories from his travels out west told in novel-biographical form.

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