Don’t Be Mad at God


Don’t be mad at God. Be mad at those who speak for him and pretend to know His whereabouts and inclinations.

The world, in all its history, has never been short of oracles, prophesiers, and dooms-day preachers. All of whom, we have come to understand, speak not for themselves, but on the part of God. Why God would rely on such a fickle source as man is beside me. But since it is man who trades for ink and writes the pages, the words become granite, and the story sticks. Scripture becomes the immovable object.

This is the story of revelation. The foundation upon which all revealed religion rests. This process of revelation told to us from revealed religion is always revealed to one individual. It negates the entire understanding of what revelation means. One man’s revelation is unverifiable and if he repeats this “revelation” and it is believed, it becomes nothing more than hearsay. During which or after, no one bothers to check with God on the facts. It seems from simple reasoning if God spoke and took the time to reveal, He would do more with His abilities in ways of communicating with His creation. I’ll have more to say on that below.

To overcome this dilemma, the one to whom a matter is revealed, adopts the title as a messenger of God. Unwittingly, however, those who take hearsay for revelation have put their faith in a man. They remove God as the subject and source of revelation. Instead they rely on the supreme example of mischief, dishonesty, error and misjudgment of any creature that has flown, crawled, swam, or walked on this planet. That, more than anything else I can say, is blasphemous toward God.

Nonetheless, to check this blasphemous line of reasoning, Hell is placed in the way. It has served as a useful roadblock to wondering travelers. This Hell, at least in regards to how it is been given to us, no one has seen or knows anyone who has seen it. Yet we are told it exists and that its fire burns hot and is never extinguished. Conversely, we have a fire insurance policy. If we have faith, not necessarily in God, but in what those who have spoken for him have told us, we can escape Hell and live a life of luxury, peace, and splendor in Heaven.

Before these beliefs spread and became as common as bread and butter, men already had a perfect understanding of life and death and the afterlife. Men grasped instinctually the concepts of virtue, morals, justice and injustice. They did not need oracles, prophesiers, and dooms-day preachers for this. They were revealed to man by God through His revelation. Meaning, they were instinctual to man and as much a part of him as anything else he naturally possessed. They were not created or imagined, nor were they discovered. Just as man did not create himself, discover himself, or imagine himself. Man is by virtue of his existence and naturally inherits these things because he exists.

Through reasoning, the greatest gift given to man by God, greater than the ability to heal and work miracles, man was able to view himself and his relationship with others. With each man reasoning in different places at different times, social-reality was constructed. This is man and God at work, the purest form of revelation that needs no verification. Nor does it need an earthly spokesman.

When man has been in search for answers, whether that means exploration, in science, philosophy, medicine or law, he is discovering not the subject he is after, but rather it is God. Man at a point long ago, stopped thinking and living locally and began exploring new worlds. Later he searched the depths of the oceans. Later he even managed to leave the planet entirely. In each case, there were no “discoveries” only a revelation about what always had been. Even with the amount of understanding we possess, we stay humbled because of the vastness of it all. The details of nature and the infinite abundance of space is the testimony from God to man. In other words, perhaps we are all messengers of God.

It seems hurtful and insulting to God if we study these things and compare to trifling matters such as the proper way to cut a male infant’s foreskin, how to cook a he-goat, or how women should behave in church. In fact, if you study these things, as I suggested, God seems bigger and mightier. His testimony to man, through nature, discovered through the gifts He gave us, is more of a revelation in itself than any stories of casting out demons, famines, earthquakes or angels could accomplish.

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this. Then again, all of us are wrong according to someone.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Mad at God

  1. Great post, once again – “Through reasoning, the greatest gift given to man by God…” so very true, and yet so vastly understated (and sometimes even condemned) concept.

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