Adventures of the Great White Hunters

The wondrous wild was calling us, challenging us to come out and meet it. When the wild calls, men have to respond and so we set out, the two of us. We equipped ourselves with the things needed for the rigors of our adventure. This included one iPhone 4 and a Red Rider bb gun. We brought the iPhone because it has a camera and if in case mamma bear needed to get ahold of us. We brought the Red Rider bb gun in case we saw some deer, bears, jaguars, wolves, monsters or anything else that may cross the paths of two great white hunters on the hunt. So at about 1:35 pm we said good-bye to momma bear and little sister bear and set out on our trek. It was just the two of us and we knew we’d have to rely on one another.

We made our way out of civilization and into the infinite woods behind our house. About five minutes into our journey I left it up to my brave and adventurous partner if we should continue. He assured me that we must because of the wondrous wild calling us and all. I couldn’t argue because I heard it calling too. I told him once we turned and headed west, there may be a good chance we’ll have to find a place to camp, as I had never ventured so far. He assured me we would be all right. That we could build a house out of sticks and leaves and eat the deer we were going to shoot. After hearing it put that way, I figured I had about the best partner a man could hope to have in the wondrous wild.


As we headed west my partner and I spotted several tracks. Most were deer but there were a few dog tracks scattered about as well. My partner informed me those tracks were most certainly wolf tracks. I responded that apparently we weren’t the only hunters in the woods. I thought they might be small to be wolf tracks but I figured one man’s opinion on such matters was likely as good as the other’s. There was no need in arguing with a fellow who seemed more confident than I. We followed the tracks until the opening of the large creek became too hard for my partner to ignore. My partner was very confident we would find some deer near the creek drinking water. In the absence of my own idea regarding deer and where they might be, I decided his idea didn’t sound too far-fetched. So the two us eased off the trail, through the weeds and bushes, and made our way on to the bank.


Either the deer heard us coming or they were not thirsty at the time we made it down to the bank, because once we arrived and took survey of the place, there were no deer in sight. It was at this time my partner became anxious. He thought the deer might be sleeping. We held a council, the two us, deciding what our next move should be. He recommended we keep heading down the path. How far he intended us to travel, he never fully revealed. But I liked the idea and agreed. However, instead of heading out straight away, he recommended we ambush some leaves that were floating down the stream, passing in front of us. I didn’t find a lot of sense in doing this but my partner was adamant that we target practice with his Red Rider bb gun. So we did. We blasted a way at the unsuspecting leaves as they passed by slowly. The two of us together must have bagged a dozen before we broke camp and traveled further into the wild.

Again we set out in the same way we did before, full of adventure and anticipation of what the wild had in store for two white hunters. It was during the second leg of our journey that my partner amazed me with his tracking skills. I came to believe he could track a field mouse in the thickest field. Nothing escaped his eye or his imagination. He knew exactly where deer once stood and what direction they were likely traveling. He even found a thin limb and he used this tool of innovation to move the tall leaves of grass out of the way in order to inspect the ground more thoroughly. He would also use this limb to whack trees as he passed. I’m not sure why my partner was doing this. He could have been clearing a path or he could have been sword fighting. I never asked. I figured whatever a man likes to do with a stick is his business. However, I told him he might want to be quiet so that we do not scare away the deer and other wildlife. He insisted I not worry with trifling matters. The deer would think the noise is from another deer and this would likely make them come out and investigate. I guess I’ve heard of stranger things but my partner spoke so matter of fact his confidence won over my good reason.


About twenty minutes later, and after several stops and detours, I should add, which were all insisted by my partner, we finally made it to a point I thought likely we would find deer. Now I don’t know if my partner’s strategy of whacking tree limbs and insisting we shoot mushrooms growing on fallen logs was the result of our luck or not. However, I cannot deny that we finally found some deer at the end of our trail. I spotted two that were probably bedding down before they saw me and jumped into a thicket. Unfortunately, my partner was behind me too far to see this. He was diligently inspecting the ground for tracks. He was very concerned over why I did not shoot the deer. I told him they were too fast. I noticed a shed of doubt and disappointment from him at my response. Again we held council, and again I deferred to his judgment on the matter. He recommended we continue walking and turn toward where I last saw the deer. This made no sense to me. The deer were likely in Canada by now. He asked me about Canada and how far away it was.

At any rate, his power of persuasion convinced me this was a good idea. So we set out on the third leg of our journey. The plan was to trek up to where I spotted the deer and circle hard around them. This is exactly what we did. And exactly as my partner planned, the idea worked. Not only did we see the two deer that I spotted 10 minutes earlier, there were at least 6 or 7 more with them. We were close enough to see quite a show. The deer leaped, jumped, and sprinted through the woods away from us. Their white rumps made it easy for us to follow as they ran deeper into the woods. I considered my partner to be one of the very best hunters I had ever encountered.

I had already decided since the Red Rider bb gun lacked the knockdown power to kill an animal the size of a deer, there was likely no reason to shoot at them. However, I did hand it over to my partner and let him shoot in that direction once the deer were out of sight. He was confident that he hit one and that we should head into the woods to track it down. I thought here would be a good time for another council. I said the chances of us finding him were slim to none but the chances of getting hot chocolate, if we headed back home, were almost certain.

For the first time during our adventure, my partner deferred to me. He thought my idea good and approved. And so we broke camp and headed out of the wild very satisfied men.


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