A Pretty Darn Good Day

I can’t really say today was much different than any of the ones before. It’s just this day seemed to be different to me (in this case, the only one that matters) and that was enough for me to take notice.

I woke up at 6 am and spent a few extra hours with myself, which is something I always enjoy doing. What I did in those early morning hours of silence and solitude would blow your mind. It was two solid hours of reflection, thinking, and staring out the window. My thoughts went went from sports, to religion, to things between, all the way around to dumbing out on Facebook.

I even found the time to work in a 2 mile run after eating a light breakfast. The weather was so stinking cold though, I decided to run really fast for two miles and call it a day. I’ve been inside ever since. I took a shower, read, played with the kids, took a nap and worked in some more reading but I call that kind of reading serious nerd reading.

At any rate, I even worked my way around to preparing what I do best: Steaks.

Here is my latest project. Marinading a couple of ribeye steaks with a nice, chilled cabernet.


My wife asked me to explain the mess in the picture. She spent most of the morning baking treats and making Christmas goodies to pass out to the neighbors. So that explains the clutter. I managed to clear an area large enough for my task. In  her defense, she is cleaning up in there if it makes you feel better.

photo-4 copy

Upon further review, these pictures do those ribeyes no justice. They are gonna cook some kind of good!

What will I do with the rest of may day and evening? Well, I don’t rightly know at the moment. But I reckon the possibilities are endless as far as I’m concerned (in this case, the only one that matters).


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