Watch the Pendulum Swing

I saw the pendulum swing.

It was my chance at a new being.

What exactly this meant, I did not know.

What I had, I could not show.


I only knew to look out afar.

Not upward to a star;

But inward in my soul,

To lead me where I should go.


Destinies can be made and met.

But only few take that bet.

Our life will end on time.

A fact not meant to be sublime.


For a while we occupy space,

Then we are gone without a trace.

Take advantage of what you borrow.

Always concern yourself with tomorrow.


Wait for the pendulum to swing;

And ask what it might mean.


2 thoughts on “Watch the Pendulum Swing

  1. Very nice.
    Reminded me of these lyrics:
    “All I know
    Time is a valuable thing
    Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
    Watch it count down to the end of the day
    The clock ticks life away”

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