I’m Ready to Fight! … Sorta

I’ve been boxing for almost a year now. I’ve dropped about 20 pounds since February. This morning I weighed in at 177 pounds, though by this evening, after I’ve eaten and rehydrated, I’ll probably be around 180 pounds. Depending on how lazy I feel this weekend, my weight may jump to as high as 184.

The work in the gym has been hard but very rewarding. I can run a 6 minute mile and stay in near constant movement for well over an hour. Banging the heavy bag, shadow boxing, working the jump rope, cranking out combinations on the double end bag, dancing, hopping, bouncing and cutting in and out is fun once you are in shape.

The goal was always to get to 178 pounds. That’s considered at the light-heavy weight division in amateur boxing. At 6 feet and 1.5 inches flat-footed, it’s a pretty good weight for a naturally slender fellow like me. My previous weight at 198 was just too heavy for my frame. The weight was artificial and guys that naturally walk around at 200 pounds would have been too big and too strong for me to handle. I decided very quickly I wanted no part of that weight class.

Here’s the rub though. A decrease in muscle mass came with the weight loss. I had to slack off considerably with the weight training for a couple reasons. One was out of necessity. I couldn’t recover quickly enough after lifting weights, which left my muscles stiff and tired during training. Secondly, it is hard to lose weight if you continue to lift weights. So I found a happy medium alternating heavy weights with body weight exercises on a moderate basis.

Recently, however, I’ve realized I probably didn’t drop weight the right way. I should have increased my calories during the day to protect my muscles from being eaten away. Additionally, my body will not feel the need to store fat around my belly and on those infamous “love handles” area.

I’m going to work on that the remainder of the year and the early part of next year. I plan to incorporate more strength training and see if I can fill back out my frame. I need to concentrate on muscle mass and cutting fat, not weight loss. I’ve made the weight, now I need to get my body to a strong fighting level.

I look forward to sharing the results of any upcoming fights I plan to have next year. This is another goal I’ve set that I plan to conquer. Afterwards, I’ll probably move on to something else. I tend to be like that.


5 thoughts on “I’m Ready to Fight! … Sorta

  1. So why box? Sorry but I do not get it. Just two guys punching each other for what? The only thing I see is just violence as opposed to a sport. I believe you are a very intelligent human being. Why do you do it?

  2. I’m not sure, dear. A challenge, something primal maybe? On the inside, it’s way more than just violence. Though, I agree, nothing more than it either.

    Maybe it’s mainlines-silliness. A lot of us don’t like to be tamed. Sometimes I feel I’ve been so far removed from the core-me, I set out and search for these kind of things. Then again, that probably doesn’t begin to answer your question. Let me think on it.

    Say, did you know that Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway boxed?

  3. No, I didn’t. Interesting though. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you have been to Iraq? The primal instinct of preservetion? Being able to defend yourself must be wonderful and empowering at the same time. I’m not judging …just trying to understand.

    Changing subject: I have the impression that you like history. Stefano and I are following and loving a blog called the map of time – a trip into the past by JG Burdette. Check her out if interested.

  4. Boxing, like martial arts, is more than just a violent activity. You can truly find yourself when you connect your mind and body. I myself have a bag up in the garage. It truly is a an excellent workout. Kudos to you and your efforts. It’s nice to see others setting goals and reaching them.

  5. Francesca, oh I didn’t take it as you judging. Yes, something like that. The preservation and empowering part. I agree. I will check that site out and add it. I love history!

    Vince, I agree. It boils you down to the essentials. I like that part about it.

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