‘I Don’t Regret Mistakes In My Life. They Made Me Who I Am Today’

So says the mass murderer on death row…

I always found that remark or view on life a little immature and selfish. Certainly we’ve all made mistakes and I’ve probably made enough for all of us. And granted some mistakes are not so life altering as to where you can’t recover from them. Similarly, there are mistakes we have made in which we learned a life lesson.

However, for someone to say they do not regret any of their mistakes, in my opinion, may suggest something about that person’s character. I am not advocating living in the past and wringing our hands over this or that particular decision we made or action we may have taken.

There are some things we have done that were wrong and we knew they were wrong when we did them. How are you supposed to learn from that? It was wrong, and, therefore, regrettable. I don’t suspect the people we have wronged, bullied, lied to or hurt as being happy they were chosen to play a part in shaping the person we became. Something tells me they would probably have preferred not to be included in the development of our personhood.

If I could go back, which I can’t, but allow me to entertain myself; I would change a few things. These things did nothing to shape my character. Instead, I consider them a stain on my character. Regrettable moments in my life that make me cringe every time they pop up in my mind.

So if I am honest with myself and am truly concerned about the person “I am today,” there are few things I could have gone without doing. They taught me nothing save about my own level of depravity and selfishness.


8 thoughts on “‘I Don’t Regret Mistakes In My Life. They Made Me Who I Am Today’

  1. I have a few things that I consider to be a huge stain on my soul. I compromised my soul forever and there is no coming back.
    I promised myself to teach that to my daughter when she is old enough. After all, at the end of the journey, the most important thing is to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see.

  2. Francesca, now soul is something different. I didn’t mention that but maybe I should have. I may not have implied it but I believe in soul.

    The good thing about a soul is that it can be cleansed. Recompense can be made. But that may involve several steps. Probably something a little different than a clear conscience, in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree with everything you’ve said in this post. I do have regrets as well and I am not ashamed of those regrets. We are taught in this society to not be regretful, that we should never apologize for what we did, that if you think I hurt you or did something that is wrong then that is your problem, not mine. It is contributing to a lack of accountability in many of us. The feeling of regret is a consequence of something we did that we know we shouldn’t have – it is what prevents me from doing that same thing again. I appreciate the gift of regret. I have learned from it and moved on from it. I don’t mope and moan and dwell on it, (that is another cancer to be wary of), but I appreciate what regret has done for me. It has taught me, guided me and made me more aware that my actions affect everyone and everything around me.

    I would also like to take this moment to agree with you regarding your soul comment Anonymous Host, I too believe our soul can be cleansed. Spirit, soul, conscience – all work in a symbiotic relationship with our emotions, mind and bodies. All in all, it is a pretty cool human journey we are on. Another great post.

  4. Fully agree. I think that quote is plain stupid. What about people we’ve hurt? Or mistakes that haunt us that we’re ashamed of? Im not saying that I’m like that, only that it annoys me because I think of those things and wonder how all mistakes are supposed to make us better. There was a movie where a character used to be a drunk and killed his own daughter and learnt from it, but another character asks how he can live with himself etc. I don’t remember the name but I didnt watch the whole film anyway. Another quote that’s similar goes something like ‘Never regret anything because at one point it was exactly what you wanted.’ Lol, who comes up with this stuff anyway.

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