Can We Explain Deja Vu?

I’m not sure deja vu can be explained anymore than when a dream comes true can. Or how you knew what the name of your future husband or wife would be. As for me, I knew I would marry a girl from a specific state. I shared this with my mom years before it happened.

I’ll tell you another thing or two that I knew, I knew I would live in Georgia one day (done: met my wife there, though she isn’t from Ga, she’s from the state I told my mom, but we have since moved) and that I would go off to a desert place in a foreign war (done: went to Iraq but strangely didn’t see any desert).

Don’t ask me how these things happened. They were just little visions or a peak at the future me. I am not telling you they were full of vivid details or anything close to that. Only a very quick image across the screen before the cabal went out. No, I’m not a New Age, Hypnotism , previous life believer.

You may not believe what I’m telling you. That’s okay. I really want to talk about the question I asked to begin.

Let me tell you what I think deja vu is. It is a marker: A marker in someone’s life letting them know they are on track, at exactly where they are supposed to be.  Like a marathon runner in a race, he or she meets markers along the way that gives them information about their progress, how far they’ve been, and how far they have left to go.

Perhaps, Deja Vu isn’t quite so specific being that we do not even know what the course looks like, let alone when it will end. But think back and recall how you felt the last time you had deja vu. It’s strange. You almost lose concentration and attention to your immediate surroundings. Your mind starts kicking into high gear trying to make sense of it all. You are generally confused about what just happened. You may even start talking to yourself in your head.

The truth is though; you can’t make any sense of it. You are only left with bewilderment, “This is creepy. I feel like I’ve been here, in this exact place, at another time.”

You haven’t of course. So maybe, that deja vu moment means your life is on track with your destiny. Maybe you’ve reached a marker along the track.

In other words, you are right where you are supposed to be, hence Deja Vu!

I totally understand if this sounds like psychobabble. I wrote this when I should have been sleeping. 


5 thoughts on “Can We Explain Deja Vu?

  1. I have a friend who believes as you that deja vu’s let us know we are on the right track. I heard other theories as well such as they are rips in time that we can see through or (and this one is my favourite) that they are quick glances into alternate universes which is why they feel familiar. Whatever they are, they are fun and the not knowing is part of the fun. Great post. I love deja vu’s!

  2. Now those are some juicy topics! Oddly enough, I really don’t know a lot about deja vu. Haven’t read much on the subject but the phenomenon has always interested me.

    Lucky for me, barnes and noble is 10 minutes away!

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