What Will You Be Doing on Tuesday, November 6th?

Well tomorrow is the big day. It’s my birthday! Nah, just kidding. Tomorrow is Election Day and we’ll all, well probably half of us, will head to the polls and vote for a new king.

The loser will thank everyone for their support and then tell them to support the man he’s spent a year telling the truth about. The winner will do the same thing.

Neither candidate took it personal but they made sure the voters did. They needed your fear, hatred, and suspicion of the other side.

So after tomorrow the ads will come down and we can stop being skeptical of strangers we meet. The impulse to rear end the car in front of you with all those bumper stickers will not be so strong. Maybe you’ll re-friend your conservative or liberal friend on Facebook.

The kings can stop pretending they know what’s going on. One will go home and the other to the White House. You and I will be convinced we actually had the power to change an outcome. Perhaps even change the course of our country. The winner will tell you so and thank you profusely.

He’ll make us feel like we hired him, vetted him, and appointed him for the job. Really, though, he hired us to get him there. We just weren’t aware of it.

These words are amusing, and, yet, cleansing for me. I would never utter these words outside my little cabin. I’m a political man as I mentioned in my About Me page. I know all the polls and can tell you with a high degree of probability how each state will fall. I can give you anecdotal evidence that polls don’t necessarily project. Yes, I have a dog in this hunt too. I have a high level of confidence my dog will win this race.

I wish it mattered in the end though. Since it doesn’t, I might as well take the opportunity to be honest about it all.


5 thoughts on “What Will You Be Doing on Tuesday, November 6th?

  1. I’ll vote… then race home and turn on MSNBC/Democracy Plaza and sit on the edge of my seat and post the results to my blog as they come in…. It’ll help sort out the info and keep my mind occupied. 😉

  2. Oh, how I wish I could say “No, Anonymous Host, that’s not the case. Each and every vote is special and we are part of The Democratic Process that will shape the face of The Nation for years to come” with a level of earnestness that is rarely seen outside of NPR. Lo, I would be incorrect.

    In the past, even though both sides have always had their battles, they both tried to make some progress and push the country in the right direction. Or so it appeared. Now, it’s devolved into so much bi-partisan scratching, biting and hair-pulling while some Americans are saying “There seems to be some issues – can some of you folks that we put in power tend to those, please? It’s quite urgent.”

    Of course, I voted. I’ve not yet reached the point of cynicism to say “screw it”. That said, I am very disappointed in where we – as a country and a culture- are headed. Even though we’re still the best game in town, it seems that with every passing day, we’re getting one step closer to being one of those countries that spies on their own people, detains them without warrant or hope for a trial and rigs elections.

    • I feel your pain. I’m a good soldier too. I vote. I even play the game some. I’m not cynical either. It may have read like that but I’m really not. I’m just well aware of the mess we’re in. And how things progress in spite of good sense and examples warning us to hit the breaks.

      I’d love to be wrong.

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